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Free Montessori Art Cards For Homeschoolers

One of the ways that the Catholic teachings and traditions were passed on through the ages was through the art work and skill of artists all over the word. From Da Vinci's, Last Supper masterpiece to Sanzio's, Coronation of the Virgin, the Catholic faith has greatly influenced art like no other topic.

Use classic art by famous artists not only to study art and art techniques, but also to study the Catholic faith. Dr. Maria Montessori, a dedicated Catholic, had an enlightening idea of fusing practical, hands-on fun learning with explorative independent learning to teach children. Learning about art through looking at, scrutinizing and playing with art cards is a perfect way to introduce children to classic art. Even children who aren't "into art" are still likely to play with these cards and take away not only something about art but also tidbits about their faith as well.

These sets of Montessori cards highlight individual artists, the art period, and six examples of their work. Some sets even provide life spans or the artist's nationality.  These sets are inexpensive to make and easy to use. Simply print out sheets and cut apart to use. Print out cards on card or cover stock for durability and laminate for longevity. Print out two sets for matching activities.

Art Montessori Cards Paul Cézanne (Post-Impressionist Painter)

Highlighted artwork includes: Nature Morte, Un Coin de Table, Still Life With Water Jug, Foliage, O Castelo de Medan, Apples, Pears and Grapes.

Leonardo da Vinci Montessori Cards Leonardo da Vinci (High Renaissance Painter/Inventor)

Highlighted artwork includes: Mona Lisa, Self-Portrait, Virgin of the Rocks, The Last Supper, The Annunciation, St. Jerome in the Wilderness.

Rafaello Sanzio Montessori Cards Raphaello Sanzio (Italian High Renaissance Painter)

Highlighted artwork includes: The Miraculous Draught of Fishes, Coronation of the Virgin, Self-Portrait, St. George and the Dragon, Wedding of the Virgin, St. Catherine of Alexandria

Pierre_Auguste Renoir Montessori Cards Pierre Auguste Renoir (French Impressionist Painter)

Highlighted artwork includes: Girls at the Piano, Girls With a Hoop, Self-Portrait, By the Water, La Grenouillère, The Artist's Family.

William-Adolphe Bouguereau (French Academic Painter)

Highlighted artwork includes: Song of the Angels, Self-Portrait, The Little Knitter, The Flagellation of Our Lord Jesus Christ, A Calling, The Madonna of the Roses.


Claude Monet (Impressionist Painter)

Highlighted artwork includes: Impression, Sunrise; Woman with a Parasol; Bridge Over a Pond of Water Lilies; Water Lilies,1906; Water Lilies,1916; Water Lilies, 1917-19.