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Free Printable Montessori Cards Featuring Dinosaurs

Download our sets of free Montessori cards depicting some lesser known dinosaurs and prehistoric animals that children may want to get to know.  These sets are inexpensive to make and easy to use. Simply print out sheets and cut apart to use. Print out cards on card or cover stock for durability and laminate for longevity. Print out two sets for matching activities.  The images are in colour and very engaging.


Dinosaur Montessori Cards - Set 1

Highlighted animals include:  Abrictosaurus, Achelousaurus, Afrovenator, Alamosaurus, .Amazonsaurus, Ampelosaurus.  

Dinosaur Montessori Cards - Set 2

Highlighted animals include:  Anchiceratops, Ankylosaurus, Avacertops, Centrosaurus, Edmontonia, Gastonia Burgei.

Dinosaur Montessori Cards - Set 3

Highlighted animals include:  Gigantosaurus, Lesothosaurus, Megalosarus, Minmi, Nanshiungosaur, Nanyangosaurus.

Dinosaur Montessori Cards - Set 4

Highlighted artwork includes:  Nipponosaurus, Pentaceratops, Prenoceratops, Saltasaurus, Styracosaurus, Zalmoxes.