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Science Themed Graphic Organizers Focusing on Animals Traits and Facts

Homeschoolers can learn about animals using resources you may already have on home.

Children have a natural affinity for learning about animals. They enjoy learning about what makes them special, what they eat, where they live, and their chances of seeing them up close. Put forth on the fifth and sixth days of creation, animals are the perfect way to witness God's glory in action.

Below you will find graphic organizer worksheets to help children learn about a variety of animals using a simple design utilizing resources you may already have at home or that can easily be borrowed from the library. Simply print out and fill in. There are also blank templates provided as well for animals that may not be included in our collection.  Offered in two varieties, the simpler version offers fewer boxes with more writing space while the advanced version provides more boxes but with smaller spaces.

Animal Trait Worksheet Blank Animal Trait Worksheet Advanced Blank

Blank Animal Traits

Blank Animal Traits Advanced

Animal Facts - Butterfly

Animal Facts - Caterpillar

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Animal Traits Worksheet on Frogs

Animal Facts - Cricket

Animal Facts - Dolphin

Animal Facts - Eel

Animal Facts - Frog

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Animal Facts - Grasshopper

Animal Facts - Orca

Animal Facts - Pika

Animal Facts - Red Squirrel

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Animal Facts - Salmon

Animal Facts - Shark

Animal Facts - Starfish

Animal Facts - Toad

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Animal Facts - Weasel