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Printables for Homeschoolers and Religious Education Teachers

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Printable Weekly Assignment Logs


Assignment logs are our way of giving learners (or parents of little learners) the opportunity to note what learning has taken place weekly. Available in two styles, fill-in or paragraph, these logs have been a huge help and also serve as a keepsake. The Fill-in style gives you a choice of a biblical or saint focus and is very well suited for the Charlotte Mason method of education although just about any method learner can find it helpful. The Paragraph style log is a good tool for slightly older learners who like narrating back the overall lessons and such that have occurred in each of their learning subjects. Logging evidence of learning has never been so easy.

Print out the desired style and number of log sheets, add our cover sheet and bind with a duo-tang, 3-ring binder, folder, binder ring, comb spine or any other method you prefer. You can even print out the sheets back to back to save paper or create a more polished look.



Learning Adventure Assignment Log

Paragraph Style

This weekly 2-page log comes with pre-printed subjects (math, science, history, geography, language arts, writing, art & music, religion) or blank without them so that you can write your own subjects in. There is also a matching cover.



With subjects pre-written on form

Subjects left blank

Cover Page


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Learning Adventure Assignment Log

Fill-in Style

This weekly 2-page fill-in style log is pre-printed with lots of spaces to include just about everything you could need in a weekly summary of learning. This Charlotte Mason (CM) inspired resource asks the learners to note such things as What did I create? What did I narrate? What did I read? What did I watch? and Where did I go? among many other moral training gems. Each set also has an additional faith component. There is either a weekly saint focus or a Bible story (scriptural passage) focus for the week. You will also find a matching cover for this log included in each file.



Multi-subject With Weekly Saint Study Focus

Multi-subject With Weekly Bible Study Focus



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