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Science Book Report

Science Book Report Narration and Proof of Learning Are Made Easy for a Science Book.   Use this three-page science book report packet to help children narrate what they have learned from a science book. Opportunities are provided to write new vocabulary... File Size361.20 KB Downloaded6 times Register...
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Book Report for Freckle Juice

Book Report for Freckle Juice Extend the Fun of Freckle Juice by Judy Blume This fun book report was one of my very first creations years ago and has recently been re-edited.  It focuses on the plot of the book and the characters as well.  Opportunities for grammar... File Size844.68 KB Downloaded17 times Register...
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Blank Simple Book Review for Beginners

Blank Simple Book Review for Beginners Simple Book Review Helps Children Explore Reading and Sharing Their Opinions with Others Do you have a learner who likes giving their opinions about anything and everything? You could easily use that to your advantage with this simple... File Size79.71 KB Downloaded23 times Register...
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Blank Detailed Book Report

Blank Detailed Book Report This Six-Page  Resource Is Ready Fun for Beginning Readers and Writers Many times when we think of book reports, we think of something cut and dry; perhaps something full of research, or something, dare I say, boring. Yikes!! You... File Size409.47 KB Downloaded24 times Register...
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Book Detective Worksheet

Book Detective Worksheet Have You Ever Taken a Scavenger Hunt Through a Book? It can be fun and very educational. In this exercise, learners do not report on the plot or characters from a book, but rather on the English and grammar contained within it. This... File Size170.47 KB Downloaded18 times Register...
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