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Weekly Planning Sheet Set with Subjects
Weekly Planning Sheet Set with Subjects
Plan Your Week by Subject This set of twelve sheets offers teachers and educators the opportunity to sort out and plan their learning week.   This resource uses a simple column and row layout, varying colored heading blocks and preprinted...
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Life of Christ Timeline for Children
Life of Christ Timeline for Children
Children Are Sure to Enjoy This Neat Little Introduction to the Life of Jesus Christ. Created especially for children, this resource features 57 scenes from the life of our Lord. This smaller-sized timeline uses standard size paper...
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Little Timeline of Composers
Little Timeline of Composers
Study Some of the Most Talented Composers in History This resource includes timeline pieces and lines to teach about 26 famous composers from various eras, countries and musical periods as well as one selection of your choice which...
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Little Timeline of Mathematicians
Little Timeline of Mathematicians
Study About Some of the Brightest Minds in History This resource includes timeline pieces and lines to teach about eighteen famous Mathematicians from various eras and countries. Cut out pieces to construct the timeline and assemble...
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   ~ Most wonderful Catholic Homeschool site on the web! Thank you so much:-) As an Ambleside Online/Classical Catholic homeschooler, you’re   resources are a treasure trove of rare jewels.

~ Fantastic! I used to teach Grade 2 CCD (I know teach Grade 6.) This is *exactly* what we needed in Grade 2. I’m going to share this with the current teacher and, of course, any of my students who need a reminder. Thank you!

~ I have been surfing for a few hours now and your site and resources by far are my favorite!! Thank you and bless you for your work!

~ I plan to tell all my catechists about your site – there is so much to choose from! What a wonderful aid to help our children to grow in faith!

~ A member of the Seton Home Catholic group sent along your site and I am absolutely in love with it. I just started home schooling our 7-year-old last summer and your site is going to be VERY helpful for this upcoming year. Thank you for all of your effort and hard work in making my job so much easier now!

~ I would gladly pay the fee. I love your work and use it frequently to enhance my lessons.

~Thank you so much! I am volunteering as a Sunday School teacher in the Marshall Islands and you have the best online resources I have seen yet! God bless!

~ Don’t visit the site much during the summer, but since I discovered it a couple of years ago it has been my go-to site for nearly all of the supplemental materials I use with my first graders. I’d gladly only pay $10/year to have ready access to the high quality materials your site provides. Unlike other so called ‘catholic’ sites that I’ve purchased art from (and never received), I’m never disappointed with your site. Sign me up!

~ I only found your site last year and it has been my go to place ever since. I teach 2nd grade and even our text resources can not compare in quality to what is available on your site. I loooooove your site. I will pay 10 a year to have access. It has been a blessing to have it free, but you shouldn’t be under financial hardship because of your site.

~ I am working in the Art Department of the soon-to-be-filmed St. Vincent starring Bill Murray, Melissa McCarthy and Naomi Watts.

We are shooting in New York City this July and August, and several scenes of the film take place in a Catholic grade school. We would really like to decorate the classrooms and hallways of these school scenes with authentic, motivational, and educational posters and other paraphernalia. Would you be willing to allow us to use some of your poster printables and images in our film? I especially love the Faith Alphabet!

~ I am so excited – and surprised to hear from you so incredibly fast!  I have been surfing for a few hours now and your site and resources by far are my favorite!! Thank you and bless you for your work!

~ I love your website and have used it for the last 3 yrs. Thank you so much for your dedication to the faith.

~ Hi, 1st time visitor to your website. I just wanted to say it is absolutely beautiful and to say a heartfelt Thank You for all the work you put into it. I’m always looking for Catholic Home Schooling materials. Keep up the great work and I will be looking forward to coming back again. (and again) May God Bless your work always!



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