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The 10 Thoughts on Good Friday Worksheet Can Serve as a Great Ice Breaker Activity.

Use the 10 Thoughts on Good Friday Worksheet to start a discussion about the second day of the Easter Triduum in your next youth group meeting or CCD or Religious Education class. This fun group activity not only encourages reflection on Holy Thursday, but it can promote group sharing as well.

10 Thoughts on Good Friday Worksheet

In this activity, students complete ten statements connected with Good Friday. Learners will think about some of the events and details of the day of the Lord's passion and death as well as why it is called Good Friday. A writing prompt of a few words begins each sentence for participants. Because students may have different answers, this activity can serve as an icebreaker activity or a way to start a class discussion. It is also an excellent youth or small-group sharing activity.

Age: Gr.5-8+
Focus: Sharing personal ideas and feelings, icebreaker
Theme: Good Friday, 10 Thoughts On, Triduum, Holy Week, worksheet

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Create DateMarch 12, 2020
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