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Colorful Puzzle Sheets Help Children Learn to Count to 100

Counting is a very basic math skill.  As children move up, the primary grade scale so do their counting skills and abilities.  Using a 100 square can make counting fun and challenging.  Instead of have children just sing-song-say each number from 1 to 100, these puzzles require real thinking skills to complete them properly.  Many math textbook require using a 100-square clear into Gr. 5.

This resource set includes five different themed 100 square counting sheets.  Each is bright and visually appealing with easy to read numbers requiring a variety of counting tasks.  Some sheets are more challenging than others keeping the activity fresh and fun.  Some 100 squares begin on the numeral one and others with the numeral 0 to provide a bit of a challenge.  Answer sheets are provided for all puzzle sheets so that children can check their own counting if needed.

Themes in this resource set include nature study, the raceway, Christmas, taking flight, and space.

To extend the life of these sheets, laminate them with a heat laminate and have learners use a crayon, wipe off pen, dry erase pen, or a washable fat tipped coloring marker to complete.  Wipe clean with a paper towel (and water if needed).

Age:  Elem+
Focus:  Counting, patterns in numbers
Theme:  100 squares

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Create DateJanuary 16, 2014
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