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3-Part Montessori Cards for Composers Set 1

Play to Learn About the Composers with this 3-Part Montessori Cards for Composers Set 1.

Use these 3-Part Montessori Cards for Composers Set 1 to help children identify famous composers by face, name, music period, and life span.  Cards are in black-and-white and feature the image piece, name piece, and control card with additional data.

It is recommended that you print the cards on cardstock or heavier bond paper.  You may also want to laminate the finished pieces for longevity and repeated use.

The Composers featured in this set include the following people.

  •     Antonio Vivaldi 1678-1741 Baroque
  •     George Frideric Handel  1685-1759  Baroque
  •     Georg Philipp Telemann  1681-1767  Baroque
  •     Johann Sebastian Bach  1685-1750  Baroque
  •     Domenico Scarlatti  1685-1757  Baroque
  •     Joseph Haydn  1732-1809  Classical
  •     Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart  1756-1791  Classical
  •     Ludwig van Beethoven  1770-1827  Classical
  •     Franz Schubert  1797-1828  Classical
  •     Felix Mendelssohn  1809-1847  Early Romantic
  •     Frederic Chopin  1810-1849  Romantic
  •     Robert Schumann  1797-1828  Classical

These resources were made to accompany our Little Timeline of Composers.

Age:  Any
Focus:  Composers, biographical info, music study
Theme:  Famous Composers

3-Part Montessori Cards for Composers Set 1
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