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Help Young Catholics to Recall the Last Days of Christ's Life with Our 4 Cool Facts About Holy Week Worksheet.

In the 4 Cool Facts About Holy Week Worksheet, students must share four facts they know or have learned about Holy Week. They may recall their information from a book, video, the Internet, a class discussion, or lesson. Because it has a simple layout, there are ample lined writing spaces and a corresponding image of Jesus entering into Jerusalem for the final time on Palm Sunday.

How to Use the 4 Cool Facts About Holy Week Worksheet

This activity sheet prompts kids to provide details or facts they feel are most important about Holy Week. While some learners may want to note the details of some of the days in Holy Week, other students might give general facts of the week. New writers may just write random facts about the people or events in Christ's Passion and death.

Teachers may want to consider using this activity in place of a regular quiz or a post-lesson review activity.

Age: Elem+
Focus: Recalling factual data
Theme: Holy Week

This 4 Cool Facts About Holy Week Worksheet is only one small part of That Weekly Liturgy Lesson for Kids for Palm Sunday.

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