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Young Catholics Can Show What They Know with Our 4 Cool Facts About Saint Francis de Sales Worksheet.

Our 4 Cool Facts About Saint Francis de Sales Worksheet asks children to share any four facts they have learned about St. Francis de Sales. Distinguished as a Doctor of the Church, St. Francis de Sales was a great spiritual writer, and he is the Patron Saint of Confessors. This worksheet features ample lined writing spaces and an image of the gentle saint.

Ways to Use the 4 Cool Facts About Saint Francis de Sales Worksheet

Because of the unique design of this printable, it can be used as an ice breaker as well as a discussion starter about the Saints, the Doctors of the Church, or St. Francis de Sales in particular. Children can write details or facts learned from a presentation, lesson, previous class meeting, textbook, or through doing online research. Some teachers may choose to use this worksheet as an informal quiz or a post-lesson review activity.

Age: Mid-Elem+
Focus: Recalling factual data
Theme: St. Francis de Sales, worksheet

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