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Help Children Understand the Nativity as the Birth of Jesus and the Representative Manger Scene.

Use this four-square graphic organizer worksheet to help children organize facts and information they learn about the Nativity - the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Lined squares have ample writing space for simple facts about the Third Joyful Mystery of the Holy Rosary.  The black-and-white image may be colored, if desired.  Some may like to use this resource as proof of learning, an informal quiz, or as a discussion aid.  As teachers present facts, children can and should be encouraged to note what they feel is most important about Christmas.

This resource can also serve as a guide to check for what students may already know about the manger scene before a formal lesson is presented.

*A cool fact to present is that St. Francis of Assisi is believed to have been the originator of the 3-D nativity scene we recognize today back in the thirteenth century.  He organized an outdoor living nativity scene of a hay-filled manger and ox and donkey at which he celebrated Midnight Mass for Christmas by torch and candlelight.

Age:  Elem+
Focus:  Organizing meaningful data
Theme:  Nativity, manger scene

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