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Help Young Catholics Learn About the Virtue of Patience.

Ask children to share any four facts they learned about the virtue of patience. This worksheet features ample lined writing spaces and a cute corresponding image. A black-and-white as well as a color version of this worksheet are included in the download file.

This exercise encourages discussion about the virtue of patience. The design of the sheet allows children to highlight or recall details or facts learned from a presentation, lesson, previous discussion, textbook, or through doing online research. It can also be used as an informal quiz or a post-lesson review activity.
Age: Mid-Elem+
Focus: Recalling factual data, virtue study
Theme: Patience, virtue

This resource can be used as one small part of Our Virtue Lesson on Patience.


Virtue Lesson on Patience
Virtue Lesson on Patience
Help Kids Learn to Be More Patient This lesson celebrates the virtue of patience and is intended to help Catholic kids practice and live their faith in a real way.  It is designed to be used daily, over the course of a month. With a weekly core lesson,...
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