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5th Sunday of Lent Mini-Book

Encourage Children to Attend Mass as They Create Their Own Mini-Book About the 5th Sunday of Lent.

This little mini-book focuses on God's message on the 5th Sunday of Lent. After listening to the Liturgy of the Word, children can use this resource to retell or narrate the essential elements back in a simple form. Younger children can use drawings or pictures, while older learners can write sentences or full paragraphs about the message they heard in God's Word or the priest's homily.

To prepare and use this resource: print out the sheets, cut apart the pages on the dotted lines, stack the pages in order, and staple the eight pages together where indicated on the cover. Students should fill in the mini-book after it is constructed.

Because this printable mini-book does not contain writing prompts, it is more versatile and useful to many age groups.

Age: Any
Focus: Narration, writing
Theme: 5th Sunday of Lent mini-book

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5th Sunday of Lent Mini-Book
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