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Simple Worksheet Presents Children with the Vocation to Religious Life - the Priesthood - for men.

Use this worksheet to help children think about the sacrament of holy orders, a priest, the priesthood, or the vocation to religious life for men. With a black and white graphic as the main emphasis (noun) in the oval, learners need only to think of eight different words to describe a priest.

Examples could be: pious, holy, called, vocation, boy, man, patient, shepherd, celibate, celebrant, sacrament, holy orders, etc. Words should fit the student age group.

This sheet is perfect to introduce vocations to religious life and listening for God's call in our own lives.


Age: Any
Focus: Adjectives to describe a priest
Theme: Priest, priesthood, vocation, sacrament of holy orders

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Create DateJune 19, 2013
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