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The Shepherd as a Guardian

Help children practicing using language skills by having them find adjectives to describe the word shepherd. The picture selected shows a shepherd on his knees guarding a sheep.

Use this worksheet to help children think about a shepherd – either the traditional role of a shepherd in the fields, a Bishop as the shepherd, or Jesus as the Good shepherd. With a simple graphic as the main emphasis (noun) in the oval, learners need only to think of eight different words to describe the shepherd as a guardian of a flock.

Examples could be: patient, courageous, watchful, caring, leader, brave, example, knowledgeable, and so forth. Words should fit the student age group.

This sheet is designed for individual or classroom use and may be printed in grayscale, if desired. Children could be encouraged to draw as well as write different words.

Age: Elem+
Focus: Shepherd, grammar, adjectives
Theme: Shepherd, bishop, Good Shepherd

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