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8 Words to Describe Moses

Introduce the Giver of the Laws, Moses, with the 8 Words to Describe Moses Activity.

The 8 Words to Describe Moses worksheet can help children to think about the importance of the Old Testament character of Moses. He had many roles, including messenger, the giver of the laws, and leader of the Israelites' Exodus. Many may remember too that he was present at the Transfiguration of Our Lord.

How to Use the 8 Words to Describe Moses Worksheet

With a colored graphic as the main emphasis (noun) in the oval, learners need only to think of eight different words to describe this highly recognizable male Bible figure. Examples could be messenger, speaker, leader, Israelite, man, old, chosen, commands, and so forth. Words should fit the student age group.

Some students may enjoy doodling or drawing their answers rather than writing the information. However, the spaces provided can more than accommodate those who enjoy writing.

The 8 Words to Describe Moses worksheet is designed for individual or classroom use and may be printed in grayscale if desired.
Age: Elem+
Focus: CCD Worksheet, Language Arts
Theme: Moses

8 Words to Describe Moses
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