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A Good Catholic Match-Up Game

Teach Kids About How to Be Living Examples of the Catholic Faith with A Good Catholic Match-Up Game.

Help children recognize the proper and virtuous ways for a Catholic to behave. This simple matching game uses real-world examples of good Christian behavior to teach children how to behave.

This A Good Catholic Match-Up Game is easy to play and can be used independently, in teams, or even in small groups of young children. It is a gentle reminder of how all Catholics should behave - in a very simplified form for kids.

The text in this matching card game is as follows.

A Catholic is Joyful - I am happy.
A Catholic is Patient - I wait my turn without complaining.
A Catholic is Faithful - I go to Holy Mass every Sunday.
A Catholic is Honest - I tell the truth.
A Catholic is Reverent - I genuflect in front of the tabernacle.
A Catholic is Humble - I admit when I make mistakes.
A Catholic is Hopeful - I have a good attitude.
A Catholic is Merciful - I am ready to forgive others.
A Catholic is Thankful - I say grace before I eat.
A Catholic is Prudent - I make good choices.

Age: Elem+
Focus: Matching virtues to representative examples
Theme: Virtuous behavior, good moral behavior, game

A Good Catholic Match-Up Game
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