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Encourage an In-depth Look at Our Holy Mother, Mary

Invite children to really think about the Blessed Virgin Mary and all the things that make her the Mother of all mothers, the Queen of Heaven, and the Queen of Peace.

To complete the activity simply write words that could be used to describe the Blessed Virgin Mary. For hints, pray the Litany of Loreto (aka the Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary) to find clues for titles and attributes for Mary.

Children can work alone or in teams, and can track who gives the most examples or play for points using the point gauge below. You can score sheets for fun or learner challenges based on how many words are found. Just follow this simple point scale based on words beginning with the following letters:


A-Z Sheets Point Scale

AEIOUW = 1 point

DHLNRST = 2 points

BCFGMPVJK = 3 points

QXYZ = 4 points

Total score for a fully completed A-Z Worksheet is 63pts.*

*Note: You may decide that extra points can be given for more than one answer to a letter. Establish rules at the beginning of each quest and feel free to make changes for subsequent quests as research skills improve.


Age:  Gr. 4+
Focus:  Fact recall
Theme:  Mary, Blessed Virgin Mary

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