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A-Z of the Continents Worksheet Set

Encourage Research and Fun with the A-Z of the Continents Worksheet Set.

This A-Z of the Continents Worksheet Set contains one sheet for each of the six inhabited continents.  Learners are asked to write words associated with the specific continent featured on the sheet.  They should consider geographical terms, attractions, features, languages spoken, countries on it, or Saints who hail from it.

Sheets may be completed as a class, in small groups, or individually.  This exercise aims to encourage research skills, fact recall, thinking skills, and enjoyment of geographical study.

If desired, you may score sheets for fun or learner challenges based on how many words are found. Just follow this simple point scale based on words beginning with the following letters:

A-Z Sheets Point Scale

AEIOUW = 1 point

DHLNRST = 2 points

BCFGMPVJK = 3 points

QXYZ = 4 points

Total score for a fully completed A-Z Worksheet is 63pts.*

*Note: You may decide that extra points can be given for more than one answer to a letter. Establish rules at the beginning of this quest, and feel free to make changes for subsequent quests as research skills improve.


Age:  Mid- Elem+
Focus:  Geographical study
Theme:  Continents - Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America

A-Z of the Continents Worksheet Set
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