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A-Z Quest for the Virtue of Modesty

Our A-Z Quest for the Virtue of Modesty Can Help Kids Reflect on Being Modest.

Invite children to examine different ways to practice being modest with this fun, open-ended A-Z Quest for the Virtue of Modesty worksheet.

How to Use the A-Z Quest for the Virtue of Modesty

To complete this virtue worksheet, fill in a word or phrase for each letter of the alphabet that illustrates a way to show modesty. Learners are encouraged to write down different situations that may require learners to be modest. Some examples could include, A—accepting an award, D—dressing for Mass, I—inviting a new friend to your home, etc.

Students can work alone or in teams. Some players may want to score sheets for fun based on the number of words or phrases provided while other participants will choose to track who gives the most examples or play for points using the point gauge below. Just follow this simple point scale based on words beginning with the following letters:

A-Z Quest Point Scale

AEIOUW = 1 point

DHLNRST = 2 points

BCFGMPVJK = 3 points

QXYZ = 4 points

Total score for a fully completed A-Z Worksheet is 63pts.*

*Note: Some teachers may decide to award extra points for providing more than one answer to a letter. Be sure to establish rules at the beginning of each quest and feel free to make changes for subsequent quests as research skills improve.

Age: Gr. 4+
Focus: Fact recall
Theme: Virtue of modesty, ways to be modest, virtues

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A-Z Quest for the Virtue of Modesty
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