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Activity Tags in Multiple Colors

Little Activity Tags in Multiple Colors Can Be Useful in Big Ways.

There are many uses for the multicolored tags provided in ten different colors, including the most popular liturgical colors.  Suggested uses may include any of the following.

  • Create a name tag by writing the standard “Hi my name is…” in the white space.  Print the sheet of tags onto tacky paper to create stickers or affix the pieces to any surface using a ring of tape.
  • Organize a large group of students by using a variety of colored tags.  Assign each class a different color and give all students in the class the same color label.  This method may be useful during assemblies, retreats, or on the first day of courses.
  • Use the tags as game or activity pieces.  Write terms to know, Bible passages to memorize, or trivia questions on individual pieces allowing different colors to represent different categories.
  • Write a scripture verse on the white space and use it as a bookmark for a textbook.
  • Create a simple gift tag by writing To and From in the spaces provided.
  • Use the pieces as labels for book baskets or items in the classroom.

These are just a few of the creative ways to use the tags.  The possibilities are nearly endless.

Tags are available in ten different colors, including green, purple, rose, white, yellow, red, light blue, blue, black, and brown.
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Activity Tags in Multiple Colors
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