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Fun Activity Helps Children Learn About and Invite the Season of Advent into Their Hearts and Minds.

Advent is the season that prepares us for the nativity of our Lord, Jesus Christ. This little F3 Activity is self-contained and is a fun and effective way of reviewing the main points of the liturgical season of Advent.

The F3 activity presents the concept of your child being a Faith Detective as they learn about their faith. It is self contained and can be used alone or added to a current F3 folder or project you may already have on the go. In a question filled, clue-finding way children are presented with the following questions and asked to figure them out.

Who's coming?

When are they coming?

Why are they coming?

Where are they coming?

Using the sheets provided, scissors and glue, they can create and write the answers to the questions out themselves using resources they have at home or info from formal lessons, or they can use the answers provided for them in boxes that they simply cut and glue into place. This helps younger learners who are not yet confident writers to complete this activity.  As well, CCD or Religious Education classes can complete lesson this in a single class session. Answers are given.

Instructions are included on the individual sheets and labels are provided in gray to help children glue the pieces properly into place.



Age: Elem+
Focus: Advent
Theme: Advent, faith detectives ask about the who, when, why, and where of Christ's birth, Christmas

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Create DateJune 26, 2013
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