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Advent Poster Set in Color

Help Young Catholics Celebrate the Season of Advent.

This four-piece Advent poster set features a lit candle for each week of Advent. A weekly focus also adds character to each page as it highlights each glowing light. The first week features the candle of hope. It is followed by faith in week two, while joy marks the third week. Finally, week four focuses on peace.

The set is perfect for a bulletin board display or wall decoration. Not only is it colorful, but a chunky font allows for easy reading of the weekly titles. A Black-and-White Version of this Advent Poster Set is available as well. Some may want to put up the black and white set initially, replacing each week with the corresponding color sheet as it occurs in the season.

Age: Any
Focus: Classroom decoration, Advent wreath
Theme: The four weeks of Advent, poster

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Advent Poster Set in Color
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