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Simple Advent Wreath Craft Reminds Children of the Hope, Peace, Joy and Love That the Nativity of Our Lord Brings.

Years ago when our oldest loved to finger paint, we created a very simple but effective Advent wreath. Almost ten years later we are still using the same original It's all about creating the family memories together not the perfection of the project. (We'll leave that to the perfections of God the Father in His projects like a snowflake, a sunrise, a spider's web, a breaking wave . . .)

This Advent wreath project is simple. Using large green sheets of finger paintings, I created a template of a holly leaf, traced it all over the dried green finger paintings and then cut them out. My child added glitter glue for the veins on the leaf, and we let that dry. I then arranged and stapled all the leaves onto our bulletin board.  I cut out three strips of purple felt and one of pink and stapled them onto the bulletin board. I placed a pre-made bow or two on the bottom of the wreath. I cut four flames from a scrap of yellow felt and stapled one onto the wreath each week. You could also add a piece of paper each week as pictured above to solidify the meaning of the candles. Voila, a simple Advent wreath. We liked it so much that we took it off of the bulletin board using a stapler remover and have used them every year since.

**If finger painting seems too daunting, keep it simple. You could complete this project in an hour or so if you used colored construction paper or even white paper using crayons.

So simple and yet the purpose of the wreath shines for all to see, prepare and make way for the coming of our Lord!!

Download the template pieces for you to either print and trace onto felt or construction paper or just print them out and have the kids color and prepare them. Keep in mind these are scanned in from my original, so they are simple black-and-white  drawings. Simply print out as many leaf pieces as you would like for your desired sized wreath. You could also glue the pieces onto a poster board as an alternative as well.

The main thing is to get a wreath of some kind up to help tell and explain to your children about the hope, peace, joy and love of the arrival of our Lord that we celebrate on the 25th of December.


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