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Get to Know Your Learner

Looking for an activity to help students get acquainted with each other in your CCD, Religious Education or Sunday School class?  Perhaps you are looking for a first day of class activity?  This poster can help.

This 11"x17" poster is a fun activity to help "break the ice" on the first day of class as well as provide some decorations for the classroom afterwards.  Little shapes provide spaces to answer the question prompts.  Some children may choose to draw more than they write, especially younger children, this is not to be discouraged.  Children can share a few or all the info they provided with their classmates.  To finish off this class activity, have children lay their posters out on desks or tables, and provide an opportunity for them to leisurely view all the posters at once.


Age:  Any
Focus:  Ice breaker activity
Theme:  Getting students acquainted with each other

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Create DateAugust 29, 2013
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