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All About Volcanoes Mini-Book (Blank)

Invite Children to Narrate with the All About Volcanoes Mini-Book (Blank).

Use this simple eight-page All About Volcanoes Mini-Book (Blank) to encourage students to write about one of the most awesome things that God the Father created on the planet, the volcano.

This booklet does not contain writing prompts so that students may write or draw their content.  To complete this resource, have users fill the pages with facts, paragraphs, or drawings; cut apart the pages on the lines, stack, and staple where indicated.

Completed books may be stored on a shelf, glued into a science notebook, added to an F3 or file-folder project, or affixed to one of our mini-book keepsake pages, which easily store in a 3-ring binder.


Age:  Any
Focus:  Fact recall, narration, writing
Theme:  Volcanoes


All About Volcanoes Mini-Book (Blank)
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