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Compare and Contrast Classes of Animals

Use this 5-page resource to help students learn to compare and contrast different classes or types of animals.  Each Venn provides a title, diagram, and matching image to help give a visual clue.

Most sheets focus on classes, except for the Venn that compares monkeys to humans.  This can be quite useful for a discussion about how we are unique in God's eyes and wonderfully made in His image.

There is also a sheet that leads a discussion on dinosaurs and birds.

Sheets in this set include the following.

  • Bird vs. Reptile
  • Fish vs. Amphibian
  • Mammal vs. Bird
  • Bird vs. Dinosaur
  • Human vs. Monkey


Age: Any
Focus:  Comparing and contrasting animals or classes of animals
Theme:  Animal Venn Diagrams

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Create DateJanuary 17, 2014
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