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Animal Venn Comparison Worksheet Set

Compare and Contrast Classes of Animals

Use this 5-page Animal Venn Comparison Worksheet Set to help students learn to compare and contrast different classes or types of animals.  Each Venn provides a title, diagram, and matching image to help give a visual clue.

Most sheets focus on classes, except for the Venn that compares monkeys to humans.  This particular sheet can help discuss how we are unique in God's eyes and wonderfully made in His image.

There is also a sheet that leads a discussion on dinosaurs and birds.

Sheets in this set include the following.

  • Bird vs. Reptile
  • Fish vs. Amphibian
  • Mammal vs. Bird
  • Bird vs. Dinosaur
  • Human vs. Monkey

Age: Any
Focus:  Comparing and contrasting animals or classes of animals
Theme:  Animal Venn Diagrams

Animal Venn Comparison Worksheet Set
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