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What Do I Believe?

The Apostle's Creed Mini Prayer book helps children understand the core basics of Christianity with words as well as pictures.

This book is great to help children learn about the core of our Christian faith. Children love to make books. Reinforce this prayer by creating a book all about what we believe as Catholics. This printable activity will require learners to make a booklet of the Apostles' Creed prayer. It is a neat way to teach the Apostles' Creed to elementary aged children. It requires a bit of time, but it is well worth it.

The skills of following directions, cutting, gluing and some reading are required.

This activity has been successfully completed in a CCD or Religious Ed. class, but an assistant is definitely needed in the assembly of the project with more than a few children.

Simply print out the file, cut apart pieces, fold pieces, glue together and affix pieces. Colored printer paper can be used for the page pieces if desired. This allows the pictures and text to stand out considerably. Just another way you could easily personalize this resource for use with multiple grade levels or a large group.

This book can easily be used in a classroom setting.  The text of this prayer conforms to the newly revised Roman Missal.  All images in this resource are in black and white, and an instruction sheet is included with this resource.



Age: Elem+
Focus: Learning basic prayers
Theme: Apostles' Creed

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Create DateJuly 2, 2013
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