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Apostles' Creed Prayer Game

Help Your Young Learner or Your CCD or Religious Education Class Commit the Beautiful Apostles' Creed Prayer to Memory with the Apostles' Creed Prayer Game.

Both prep and play are quick and straightforward. Print out sheets, cut apart pieces on the lines, mix the parts up and have players reorder them correctly—laminate pieces for durability and longevity. Play as a single player or in teams; it's great for printing out multiple sets for classroom use.

This game is also available in black-and-white and is one of a collection of many prayer games available. Some games are in English, and some are offered in Latin. Each prayer game is provided in a different color to make game pieces easier to sort in large-group play and more manageable to clean up.

Apostles' Creed Prayer Game Can Help Teach Prayer

Most people don't think of games when they think of prayer. They think of piety, formality, and strict reverence. Perhaps this is because they keep the spiritual gift of fear of the Lord at the forefront of their prayer conversations, or maybe it is because they aren't comfortable with anything except tradition.

When we can't find the right words to speak to our heavenly Father, the Catholic Church provides some of the most beautiful and sometimes succinct prayers for our every desire and need. Our Mother Church provides the right words for adoration, contrition, thanksgiving, and of course, supplication when we aren't able to speak for ourselves.

The best way to learn to pray is, of course, to do it. But, even the apostles had trouble with prayer, so they asked their Master how they should pray. Jesus taught them and us how to do it. Help young learners and those new to the faith cultivate a solid prayer life with games that help to commit prayers to memory and put a lasting imprint on their souls.

Age:  Gr. 2+
Focus:  Memorization of Prayer, Apostles' Creed
Theme: Apostles' Creed

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