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AT Word Family Word Search Featuring the Lion Cat

Reinforce the AT Word Family with This Fun Word Search Featuring a Lion

This word search game sheet features the AT Word Family, simple words with similar sounds, and depicts a happy lion cat as its graphic character reference. The font is clear and comfortable for younger learners, and the repetition in the word family helps to improve reading, word recognition, and spelling.

Simple and fun to complete, this resource adds vibrancy to any phonics program or language arts curriculum.

Words featured in this resource include at, bat, cat, chat, fat, flat, gnat, hat, mat, pat, rat, sat, spat, tat, that, and vat.

This two-page puzzle file displays the specific animal for the puzzle and includes an answer sheet.

This game sheet is one of over thirty similar resources linking word families to animals.

Age: Elem+
Focus: Phonics games, Word Search
Theme: AT Word Family, lion, cat

AT Word Family Word Search Featuring the Lion Cat
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  • Create Date June 28, 2013
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