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Teach Young Catholics About Changing Bad Habits with the Be Inspired to Change Get the Gospel Trading Card.

Encourage children to understand five ways to fight and change bad habits that can lead to sin. The Be Inspired to Change Get the Gospel Trading Card uses an image of a young boy who has attempted to fix a vase he broke. It is based on Christ's meeting of Zacchaeus in the Gospel of St. Luke 19:1-10.

The Be Inspired to Change Get the Gospel Trading Card presents the following details:

-Learn why something is thought to be sinful or a bad habit.
-Know that you must choose to make a change in yourself.
-Ask Jesus for help. He can give you the courage and strength you need to change.
-Know that change takes effort.
This resource features four identical cards per sheet. Make the cards by cutting them apart on the solid lines and folding them on the dotted lines. Glue flaps together to close. Laminate finished pieces for longevity and a very polished look.

This resource is one small part of That Weekly Liturgy Lesson for Children for the 31st Sunday in Ordinary Time (Liturgical Cycle C).

Age: Elem+
Focus: Trading card, Bible
Theme: Be Inspired to Change, changing bad habits, Get the Gospel Trading Card

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