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Have Fun and Learn About St. Rita of Cascia

As an infant, St. Rita had an encounter with bees.  As she napped with her mouth open, the bees flew in and out of her mouth without harming her; proving that God protects His servants.

This game is a twist on the traditional game of “Pin the Tail on the Donkey.”  Each child will be given a bee and asked to put it safely back in its hive rather than in the infant’s mouth.  Affix both the hive and baby pieces to the wall with a few feet of space between them.  Cover each child’s eyes with a handkerchief; spin them around a few times, and then have them  tape their bee playing piece to the wall aiming for the hive rather than the child.

An instruction sheet is provided in this download.

This game is perfect to accompany any of these activities.

  • A lesson on St. Rita of Cascia
  • An activity to celebrate this Saint's Feast Day
  • A lesson on how God takes care of His people
  • A game to celebrate All Saints' Day in a classroom or party setting



Age:  Any
Focus:  Saints
Theme:  Saint Rita of Cascia

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