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Help Children Learn and Remember Scripture Facts by Using the Bible Facts Learning Cards Set 4 - Job to Sirach

These little Bible Facts Learning Cards Set 4 encourages learners to write down their favorite facts contained in the individual books of the Bible listed below.

How to use the Bible Facts Learning Cards Set 4 - Job to Sirach

Students can complete this printable fact card in a few easy steps. First, print the resource sheet out, the cut apart the cards on the bold lines. Next, have learners fill-in the necessary information. Finally, fold the completed card on the dotted lines and glue the blank sides together.

Use this research learning card for proof of learning, fact review, group sharing, or for impromptu trivia games.

Writing prompts for each card in the Bible Facts Learning Cards Set 4 includes the following.
Date Written (approximate in many cases)
Abbreviation for the Book
Circle whether it is in the Old Testament or New Testament
Circle the type of book it is:  Pentateuch, Historical, Wisdom, Prophetic, Gospel, New Testament Letters, or Catholic Letters
Write Some Facts (favorite or most remarkable facts)

This Bible Fact Learning Card set includes the following books.
Song of Songs

Age:  Gr. 5+
Focus:  Bible facts
Theme:  Bible Facts Learning Cards Set #4 - Job to Sirach

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