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Big Book of Narration About the Planets

Create our Big Book of Narration About the Planets.

Use this printable resource to create a Big Book all about the planets of our solar system. Eight planets are featured in this resource as Pluto lost its planet status a few years ago. Using books you have on hand, videos from the library, or science websites, filling out this book is sure to be engaging and a great proof of learning.

Each planet is featured individually with lots of space for factual details, neat facts, and even doodles and drawings. A picture of the planet is provided, and a special place for students to mark its distance from the sun. As a fun little language arts addition, an opportunity to write an acrostic poem for each planet is provided. This can be such a fun activity, whether learners want to tell about the featured planet or create something whimsically connected to space.

Creating this book is easy. Just follow these few steps.

1.  Print out the pages from the .PDF file and have your learner fill in the information required.
2.  Fold completed pages in half with blank sides together.
3.  Stack pages in order by page numbers.
4.  Attach the cover that comes in the file.
5.  Bind all pages using a comb bind spine, binding machine, a hole punch, and report folder with prongs, staples, or any other binding method of your choice.

Age:  Elem+
Focus:  Big Books for Narration, developing beginning research skills
Theme:  Planets, space, science

Big Book of Narration About the Planets
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