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Introduce Learners to Christian Morality and Virtuous Behavior with Parables from Nature

Help teach children about virtuous and Christian lessons with the popular nature story book Parables from Nature by Margaret S. Gatty. This Big Book of Narration resource focuses on the first of four series of stories by this author.

This download covers each story with pages for narration, a spot to illustrate the story, a page to note science facts and also one that asks the learner to apply the story to their Faith. This book is used by many Charlotte Mason learners and Ambleside Curriculum users.

Please note that a check-off progress sheet is also available for download for the entire series set to help mom or learner track reading and narration progress. A special spot has been added for those who are using the Handbook of Nature Study by Anna Comstock to note reference pages for supplemental lessons.


Age: Upper Elem+
Focus: Narration, literature
Theme: Parables from Nature, moral development

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Create DateJuly 8, 2013
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