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Blank Detailed Book Report

This Six-Page Blank Detailed Book Report Is Ready Fun for Beginning Readers and Writers.

Many times when we think of book reports, we think of something stale, cut and dry. Perhaps we envision something full of research, or something, dare I say, boring. Yikes!! You won't find anything like that here. We try to create book reports that are very inviting and non-threatening for reluctant writers. We've learned over the years that sometimes just having something in color or something that feels "special" when you use it, is enough to make learners want to complete assignments.

In this introductory book report, there are opportunities for writing as well as drawing to accommodate learners of different levels. The non-threatening design is inviting for new writers or younger learners. This report includes opportunities to discuss or cover: genre recognition, reader opinion, story timeline, character sketching, setting, theme, and virtue recognition.

Age: Elem+
Focus: Language Arts, Book Report
Theme: Book Review

Blank Detailed Book Report
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