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Help Learners Explore God's Word One Book at a Time or as a Year-Long Learning Project

Explore what your learner knows, wants to know, and is learning about the Catholic Letters and Revelation Books of the Bible.

Children can recall facts, take notes, or make their own connections with this simple sheet that merges data and art. Directions are included in this file.

Each piece can be studied one at a time over the course of a year or a designated period of time, or it can be done as a unit or year-end review.  Individual pieces focus on what children know, want to know, and are presently learning about a particular book of the Holy Bible while encouraging the use of art and fine motor skills.

Print out, fill in, cut apart, fold and glue.  Attach finished pieces to cardstock and bind at the top using metal brads, comb spine, or hold punch and fasten with yarn, colorful twine or ribbon.

Writing prompts in this resource include the following.
What do I already know about this Book?
What do I want to know about this Book?
This is what I learned .  .  .
Passages I really like .  .  .
Draw It (draw a representation of the book)
Letter It (draw or spell out the name of the book)

The books below are included in this set.
1 Peter
2 Peter
1 John
2 John
3 John



Age:  Gr.5+
Focus:  Books of the Bible
Theme:  Books of the Bible F3 Set 7 - Catholic Letters and Revelation Books of the Bible

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