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Bunny Theme Progress Incentive Chart

Help Kids Work Toward Goals with the Bunny Theme Progress Incentive Chart.

Use this incentive chart featuring two cheery bunnies to track your learner's progress in any number of areas.  Encourage learners to follow and meet their goals in a variety of tasks and activities. To get started, print out the chart, write in the learner's name and goal and then place it in a prominent spot where it is sure to be viewed.  Columns are unmarked for flexibility. (Some may choose to write the days of the week as column headings; however, Sundays have been excluded for rest.) Fill in the chart as learners give effort. Some may enjoy using stickers, a checkmark, or having the student color in the square with a felt marker or crayon.

This sheet is only one of many themes available in this style of progress incentive chart, although teachers may use any themed chart for regular chores or learning tasks. This particular theme could lend itself to a few specialized goals, however.

Possible Goals to Accompany the Bunny Theme Progress Incentive Chart

-Eating veggies during meals
-Taking care of a pet rabbit
-Doing springtime chores
-Working in a garden
-Counting down to an Easter or springtime event
-Reading books from the Beatrix Potter series or the Thornton Burgess books

Traditional chores, hygiene tasks, completing homework, practicing a musical instrument, reading Scripture, or noting the servings of water consumed per day could also be noted or tracked using this fun sheet.

Teachers may enjoy showing when students complete homework, arrive on time to class, or participate in daily reading assignments. Some may want to post the page on an easy-to-see spot in the home or classroom, while others may punch holes in it and keep it in a 3-ring binder. Very young children may enjoy putting tiny stickers or stamps on the spaces each time they accomplish a goal or activity.

Age: Wee+
Focus: Chart, incentive chart
Theme: Rabbit, bunny

Bunny Theme Progress Incentive Chart
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