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Carols Notebooking Sheet

Inspire Young Catholics to Think About Hymns and Praise at Christmas with the Carols Notebooking Sheet.

Use the Carols Notebooking Sheet to help learners recall or define what a carol is or how it might be different from a secular Christmas song. There is also a space to write some favorite carols.

There is generous line spacing for writers, a chunky font, which some may enjoy coloring in, as well as a black-and-white graphic of a young girl singing during the Christmas season.

Teachers may find this resource handy when teaching about Christmas, Gaudete Sunday (the Third Sunday of Advent), hymns, or joyfulness.

This resource is only one small part of That Weekly Liturgy Lesson for Kids - 3rd Sunday of Advent (Cycle C).

Age: Elem+
Focus: Notebooking
Theme: Carols, Advent, Christmas, music

Carols Notebooking Sheet
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  • Create Date December 7, 2021
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