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Learn About the Faith and Practice Penmanship and Art Skills at the Same Time

Use this 26-page resource to help children learn little gems of truth from the Bible and the Catechism of the Catholic Church.  Each page features a letter from the alphabet, a matching image, and a passage to be copied.

Matching posters and writing sheets are available for this resource.

A Is for Ark
B Is for Bible
C Is for Cross
D Is for Dove
E Is for Eucharist
F Is for Fire
G Is for Gabriel
H Is for Halo
I Is for Incense
J Is for Jesus
K Is for King
L Is for Love
M Is for Moses
N Is for Nativity
O Is for Organ
P Is for Priest
Q Is for Quail
R Is for Resurrection
S Is for Shepherd
T Is for Thorns
U Is for Universal
V Is for Votive
W Is for Welcome
X Is for St. Xavier
Y Is for Youth
Z Is for Zeal

Age:  Mid-Elem+
Focus:  Penmanship, art
Theme:  Catholic alphabet