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A-Z Poster Set Features Beautiful Elements of the Catholic Faith

Help teach about some of the key elements of the Catholic faith with this bright 26 page set of A-Z learning posters. Perfect for classroom displays or decoration, highlight one letter at a time or display all at once. All of the sheets feature real photographs.

Expect to find the following representations:
A = altar
B = Bible
C = crucifix
D = dove
E = Eucharist
F = font
G = grotto
H = host
I = icon
J = Joseph
K = kings
L = lamb
M = mosaic
N = nativity
O = oils
P = pall
Q = Queen
R = rosary
S = sacred
T = thorns
U = united
V = votive
W = wine
X = x=ten
Y = Yahweh
Z = zeal

This makes a wonderful 26 week focus for any homeschool, CCD or religious education course.


Age: Any
Focus: Manuscript alphabet letter recognition
Theme: Beautiful elements of the Catholic Faith, letters of the alphabet, manuscript writing