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Celebrate Creation and Live Your Vocation with Joy

The changing of the seasons is proof of Day 4 of Creation. It should make us joyful to know that not only is the Bible Truth, but also that God loves us and never deceives us.

Use this sweet fall coloring page to encourage children to celebrate fall and be joyful with new changes. If children learn flexibility and trust in God when they are young, living their vocations, whatever they may be, will be easier and make for more joy-filled adults.


"Gladness of heart is the very life of a person, and cheerfulness prolongs his days." - Sirach 30:22
Age: Any
Focus: Genesis 1:14, Day Four of Creation, Celebration of creation in the changing of the seasons, Sirach 30:22
Theme: Happy Fall Scarecrow

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Create DateJune 27, 2013
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