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Show Appreciation for Student Learning with Our Certificate of Mastery for the Sacrament of Marriage.

Use the Certificate of Mastery for the Sacrament of Marriage to acknowledge when a student learns or memorizes facts about this sacrament, which is often called Matrimony. Ideas for mastery may include the name of the sacrament, purpose, type, matter, form, visual symbol, etc. Each sheet provides four cute, modern quarter-sheet awards.

The seven sacraments pour out God's grace and love. To incorporate the focus of love, the image used in this printable Certificate of Mastery for the Sacrament of Marriage features a cute, emoji-style heart with hearts in its eyes and two gold rings. The colorful graphic provides a clue to the purpose and meaning of this specific sacrament. The award sheets are in color as well as a grayscale version.

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Age: Any
Focus: Sacraments, recognition of mastery and achievement
Theme: Sacrament of Marriage, matrimony, certificate of mastery
This set features certificates in color and grayscale versions.
This Certificate of Mastery for the Sacrament of Marriage is only one of many certificates available to recognize and celebrate the milestones in your students' learning.

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Create DateAugust 29, 2018
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