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Certificate of Mastery for the Fatima Prayer

Recognize Your Students' Accomplishment of Learning the Fatima Prayer.

Acknowledge when a learner learns or memorizes the Fatima Prayer with a cute, bright quarter-sheet certificate of mastery. The award sheets are included in a color as well as a black-and-white version. The image used in this printable Fatima Prayer achievement certificate corresponds to the prayer and matches the image featured in the Prayers to Know Student Reference Sheet Set.

Mini certificate to celebrate learning the Fatima Prayer

This resource is only one of many certificates available to recognize and celebrate the milestones in your students' learning.

Age: Any
Focus: Prayer, recognition of mastery and achievement
Theme: Fatima Prayer, prayer, certificate of mastery
This set features certificates in color and black-and-white versions.

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Certificate of Mastery for the Fatima Prayer
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