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Kids Can Master the Multiplication Tables with the Help of this Chart the Cherries Multiplication Play Pack.

Use this fun, hands-on Chart the Cherries Multiplication Play Pack to teach your child about the value of honesty as well as help them learn to master the multiplication tables from zero to twelve. It incorporates the story of young, honest George Washington. For when questioned about chopping down his father’s cherry tree, the young boy spoke the truth regardless of the possible consequences. To keep with the theme of the story, the math pieces and worksheets all feature George or cherries.

This Chart the Cherries Multiplication Play Pack includes the following elements.

• A printable story of George Washington as written by James Baldwin.
• Numbered counting pieces featuring cherries and numerals. (Each number has twelve pieces to use as hands-on manipulatives.
Children can group numbers to create and visualize multiplication sentences. For example, kids can represent forty-eight as six groups of eight cherries.)
• Numbered character pieces highlight specific multiplication tables
• Multiplication problem cards and matching work chart
• Multiplication Fact Reference Sheet
• Practice Fill-in multiplication charts

Play pieces, the story of George Washington's honesty, worksheets, and instructions are included in this download.

Age: Gr.3+
Theme: Mastering multiplication tables from 0-12
Focus: Multiplication, honesty, The story of young George Washington chopping down his father's cherry tree
Multiplication tables 0-12 are included.

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Create DateJune 17, 2013
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