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Christmas Prayer Chain with Candy Canes Can Incorporate Prayer into Your Classroom or Teaching Area.

Create a Christmas Prayer Chain with Candy Canes to help children remember to pray for one another and those they love during this busy time of the year.

Our paper chains are an alternative to plain construction paper. Not only do they have seasonal images, but the words "Pray For" and a line for students to write on are also provided. These features make it easy to use and more meaningful and, of course, fun.

There are four designs in this set featuring the traditional candy cane and the colors red, green, yellow, and blue. Each page creates four links and measures about 12-inches in length.

Christmas Prayer Chain with Candy Canes 3

How to Use the Christmas Prayer Chain with Candy Canes

First, print out the sheets, and cut the pieces apart, forming four similar strips. The end pieces may be slightly wider. Trim if desired. Next, have students write the name of someone to pray for on the line provided. Then, bring the ends of the strips together to form a circle; staple to close. Repeat this process, attaching one new link to the existing chain. Create as long a chain as desired. Finally, display your Christmas Prayer Chain with Candy Canes around the edge of a bulletin board, the border of a door, or hang it like a garland from the wall. You can even use it to decorate your classroom Christmas tree.

CCD Christmas Tree
Age: Elem+
Focus: Prayer, classroom decoration, Christmas
Theme: Christmas Prayer Chain, candy canes

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