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Prayer Is a Wonderful Way to Bring the True Spirit of the Season to the Hearts and Mind of All Who Visit Your Home This Season.

Prayer is simply lifting our hearts and minds to God. There are many different purposes and methods of prayer, each bringing to light our thoughts about our Lord and the intimate relationship we have with Him. During Advent, we are called to prepare ourselves in mind, body and spirit to receive and rejoice in the birth of our Lord. One way to rejoice in the hope of our Savior is to pray for others. We could pray in thanksgiving for their presence in our lives, in supplication for their needs, in contemplation for their friendship, services, or talents that God has allowed them to share with us, or we could even pray for the heavenly eternal rest for a loved one who has passed away.

As we get busier with tasks of the Advent and Christmas season, we can often forget to pray for others. We remember our own families because we see them daily, but we may forget others who may really need our prayers or who have helped us throughout the year like our pastor, fellow parishioners or homeschooling families, or even our neighbors who have mowed our yard or helped shovel the snow for us once in a while. Why not create a prayer garland to help remind you and your children to pray for others. It is very simple to do; it looks very festive, and it can be a great gift to others.

Instructions and templates are included in this download.


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