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Christ's True Family Cut-N-Paste Activity

Teach About God's Family with Christ's True Family Cut-N-Paste Activity.

Christ's True Family Cut-N-Paste Activity gives learners the details of Jesus' encounter with a crowd. He poses the question of who is His mother and brethren. We learn that Christ's true family does the will of His Father. The Gospel of Mark 3:20-35 inspired this printable.

How to Use Christ's True Family Cut-N-Paste Activity

First, learners will cut apart the student pieces on the dotted lines. Next, they will read the text in each box on the student sheet. As students browse the boxes, they match up images to the correct summary sentence. Finally, after checking their selection with the answer key, the pieces should be glued into place.

Some teachers may want to use this resource as a tangible activity that can be used more than once by choosing not to glue in pieces. Instead, students would only place the pictures in position and remove them when done.

Christ's True Family Cut-N-Paste Activity

This activity is suitable for Religious Education classes or home catechesis.

Age: Elem+
Focus: Fine motor skills, Cut N Paste Activity
Theme: Jesus' true family

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