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Classmate Cards for Girls

Classmate Cards for Girls Is a Fun Classroom Addition.

Help your students get to know each other by using these half-page Classmate Cards for Girls.  Nine different character faces are used with six varying background colors to allow for fifty-four (54) child representations.  One blank card is also included for those who want to allow children to create their own cards.

Each card asks a series of questions for the student to answer.  Inquiries are made about basic things such as name, age, grade, etc., and fun subjects such as favorite ice cream flavor, sport, animal, character, and more.  There is even space for classmates to write additional information.

Completed cards can be shared, passed around in a small-group activity, or used in a classroom display.

Instructors may also use these cards to create a fictional classmate who teachers may want to refer to during the year as the focus for moral examples rather than using the individuals in the class as examples.  This activity could also be used as an ice breaker.

Younger children who cannot write very well may still benefit from sharing information that an adult, parent, or older learner could write in for them.

A similar series of cards for boys is also available.

Age:  Any
Focus:  Getting to know fellow classmates, ice breaker activity
Theme:  Friend cards, getting to know fellow classmates

Classmate Cards for Girls
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